Bait and switch is NOT acceptable!

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3 on December 8, 2018

After struggling with the Slash OL that I was talked into at CES 2018 at the UNIZ booth I actually have gotten to a bit of reliability with it. I CAN actually print most of the objects I put to it now. I have learned that the people at UNIZ have ignored technical pragmatics and they designed their own approach to DUP SLA and once I understood their weird approach I kind of got it.


The Trial license ran out and GUESS WHAT?!?!

The trial license is not only for UDP, it’s also for the 70micron resolution in X and Y. When the trial license ended and it went back to the Slash OL resolution of 150 microns the quality of the prints became COMPLETELY unacceptable for SLA! Oh, they printed ok, but you can see with the naked eye the effect of the lower resolution. IOWs… IT SUCKS!! Unless UNIZ realizes that they cannot get away with selling a total POS for $3400 they can bet we will be making our review of the SLASH OL VERY public to the entire 3D Printing community. Its a NO BUY!!!

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2 on December 11, 2018

I think there is a misunderstanding. SLASH OL will keep UDP function forever. The trial period is for high resolution only.

on December 14, 2018


Lets hear the excuse as to why Uniz never bothered to show a print at 150um!

The UDP function is useless. The resolution at 150 um is also useless. As such the Slash OL is useless. This WILL be broadcasted to the entire 3D Printing community. UNIZ will not get away with this again.

on May 5, 2019

Hey Hanson,

I don’t think you guys at Uniz get it.  You have pissed off your user base by horribly mistreating your customers.  Uniz has delivered crap and has zero support.  Lots of luck ever building a business this way, I can’t see how it will end in anything but failure, and I for one will be happy to see you guys go under. Uniz burned me with a lot of promises and no delivery; waiting for the day Uniz goes out of business.

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