Cannot connect via Wifi, ethernet, or USB

Updated on May 11, 2020 in Support & Troubleshooting
1 on May 10, 2020

For the last 3 hours I have attempted to connect to my new printer (Slash Plus UDP) every way I can think of. I have tried MacOS and Windows 10 connecting via Wifi, ethernet, and USB.

When using USB there is no “ping” from the computer that a device has been connected and the Uniz software does not show a device.

The printer is broadcasting it’s own wifi signal which matches the printer sticker and I can connect to it. Once in the web interface after direct connection, I put in my wifi details and it pops up with “connected”. If I check connection in the interface it says “no internet connection”. When I log in to my router it does not show any new devices connected. I have attempted this process multiple times, even using a different router.

Direct ethernet connection to my router does nothing whatsoever.

I even attempted to connect with the iOS application and it does not find any printers.

This whole time the front light is solid green showing no indication of error. I have cycled the power a few times just to be sure.

Anyone have thoughts on what I could be missing?

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0 on May 11, 2020

Please contact and he will send you a driver.

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