Feature Requests in Slicer

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2 on October 12, 2018

I have some suggestions I’d love to see implemented in the slicing software. They all revolve around slicing settings, primarily opening up the “Advanced” settings options a bit more for more fine control.

  • Allow user-defined resin presets and add them to the dropdown list (i.e. “save as new” when editing settings)
  • Allow air pump to be enabled even when using regular peeling – this may help reduce the lift height for a fast “hybrid” peel
  • Allow any number of millimeters for the rise height rather than fixing to just a few options (1-10mm for example). A low rise like 1mm may be useful if the air pump is enabled
  • Specify the rise speed separate from the fall speed (i.e. move up very slowly to peel gently, then reset a little faster)
  • Add another motor speed option – very slow, or just give numeric control of motor speed to fully customize
  • Remember the user’s last choice for whether the “Advanced” slicing options were selected so that it defaults to the desired view when opening the program each time

I can appreciate that you want to keep the options limited because you want to keep the user experience simple, but you also have a wide range of experience levels among your user base. Maybe consider organizing into 3 layouts based on complexity: “Quick,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced.”


Thanks for reading!

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1 on October 12, 2018

Thank you for your advice, I’ll feed it back to our software department.

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