Fix the problem “The printer doesn’t appear to recognize any wifi networks around”

Updated on August 12, 2019 in Software
13 on May 2, 2018

Following the below steps;

1、Make your windows pc connect to your printer’s hotspot via wifi.

2、Open the on your browser.

3、Run the www_fix.exe(

4、Wait for a few seconds until the black windows shut down

5、Refresh the page

Note: Sorry, that file type is not permitted to upload for security reasons, so a link attached, if you can’t get the files, plz contact our support. And it only applies to firmware versions below 3.14, and all OL printer firmware is 4.2.

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9 on September 8, 2018

I never managed to make this work connected directly to the printer SSID, even with your fix.

Instead, I had to physically connect the printer first with a USB cable (connected to the computer) then through ethernet (RJ45 cable connected to the router), to be able to finally activate Wi-Fi.


  1. Power the Slash on. Connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable. Open latest Uniz desktop app. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  2. As the USB cable is connected, the printer is now visible in Uniz app. Clicking on the gears icon, activate the printer if this has not been done yet. Restart the printer. After that, remember to select a Plus model in the drop-down menu if you have an OL printer during the 7-day trial period, or your temporarily upgraded printer will not be visible again in the app after reboot!
  3. Connect the printer to your router with a RJ45 cable. Click on the gears icon again, you should see if ethernet is working. On mine, weird thing again: ethernet was indeed detected, but no dynamic IP address could be given to the printer. I chose to select a static IP address instead (you need to choose a valid IP address on your LAN, provide the correct subnet mask, router IP address, and DNS). It worked.
  4. Type this newly chosen static IP address (instead of in your web browser. The same printer internal web page should pop up.
  5. Click on the “Check Network” button: a message should tell you the printer is now connected to the Internet (it’s indeed connected with the ethernet cable).
  6. Select your home SSID and type your WPA/WPA2 password. Click on the “Connect” button and wait for 20-25 seconds (this is important, there is no visual feedback from the button, nor anything else in the page, but it works). Alternatively, instead of clicking on the blue “Connect” button, press the Return key on your keyboard, while the password field is still selected with the blinking insertion point within.
  7. The printer is now connected wirelessly to your home network.

I had to do that in that order: USB, ethernet, Wi-Fi, to make Wi-Fi work. This is not explained in Uniz docs.

on September 10, 2018

It shouldn’t like that, make your pc which connects to the internet connect to your OL printer by USB to activate.

on September 10, 2018

What you are saying is exactly what I wrote in the first part of my point (2) above: activation by USB from the computer works. 

It is the part about how the printer can reach and remember the home Wi-Fi network that didn’t work, which I gave a solution for.

on September 21, 2018

I just got the UDP and my printer sees different Wifi SSIDs but not all of them. The SSID my company broadcasts is not detected. I tried the steps above with no success as well. 

on September 21, 2018

Hector, can you verify that your Wi-Fi is not set exclusively on the 5GHz band, and if you have Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz band can you try changing the channel to a lower setting, i.e. 1 or 2?

on September 24, 2018

Thanks Flux, I checked with my IT team and we are broadcasting 2.4 and 5Ghz, but no luck in capturing the SSIDs. I was able to to activate it by hardwiring my laptop to the ethernet and connecting to the printer via wifi, but when I load up the activation page from UNIZ, the SSID is not shown there either. 

on September 25, 2018

Hi Hector, our printer only can work with 2.4G WIFI, if you make sure your wifi is 2.4G but you can’t see it in our printer, you should tell me the firmware version in your printer.

on September 25, 2018

The printer is on 4.2. It’s a UDP Slash.

on September 25, 2018

How strong is your WIFI signal? And the signal-to-noise ratio is too low to detect, maybe. Also, it may not be compatible with the routing, can you show me your router brand?

on September 25, 2018

Signal is strong where it is. We have multiple Dell Sonicpoint Wifi extenders throughout the building. 

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0 on February 1, 2019

i have the same prolem, i am activating uniz slash plus, and when i am at webpage the printer is not appearing on the list…


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1 on August 1, 2019

I have the same problem, printer will:

1)turn on,

2) I can see it connecting to the app(on phone),

3) activated my printer/licence for udp over phone app via slash wifi,

4) phone app says it is connected,

5) downloaded new firmware.

6) usb cord is connected from cpu and printer.

When i go to just turn on the screen(just to test) it turns off within a second. No “pop up” window saying what may be the problem. When this happens printer(front light) turns from solid green to red and will no longer communicate with app. I need to restart(power off then power back on) the printer to get it to connect again. If i import a model on desktop app, it asks me to select a printer. I select the printer version that is showing up on my (phone) app but no success. what am i missing?

Sent Uniz many emails and they sent me the same information over and over again but don’t actually answer my questions. so many weeks have passed that i have lost my UDP trial with them for the UDP printing capabilities (and basically the bottle of resin that was included with the kit) and they will not give me any days back. Uniz is delayed with emails. returning an email more then a week later to which i sent 5 emails; unless i email the same email to as many Uniz employees as possible(min 5), then it is only 2-3 days. i didn’t know time zones are a 3 days or a week long/different (sarcasm) !!!

all this sums up into one question that Uniz can’t answer (they try but don’t show anything but what is on their website)

I have sent them the same information via many mediums, text, pictures/screenshots, i’ve asked for them to call me and gave them my phone number and told the to call anytime. never called.

how do i connect my printer, when all the above is already complete?

can someone point me in the correct direction. or should i start a new thread? 

Thanks in advance

on August 12, 2019

Hello, our office is in Beijing, there will be time difference. Our overseas after-sales email is We are sorry for not solving the problem for you in time.

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