IBEE – Base layers not printing at set height (0.05mm)

Updated on July 13, 2021 in Support & Troubleshooting
1 on July 13, 2021

I can’t figure out why the printer keeps doing this. No mater what base layer height I put in, it ALWAYS comes out as 0.15-0.20mm for the first layer. It proceeds to step up by 100 microns each layer vs the 50 it should be. I’m confident this is causing all my print failures of lots of parts because I’m not close enough to the base plate to get a good cure due to already being at 3 the 3 layer height.

I’ve cleaned & releveled many times. Each test run I print, I stop at the first layer, remove the print and check with calibers. Then repeat the print and stop after the 2nd layer, then a 3rd print and stop after the 3rd layer. Each one should equal the following:

When base set to 0.05mm:
1 layer = 0.05mm
2 layer = 0.10mm
3 layer = 0.15mm

Results are (averages):
1 layer = 0.15-0.17mm
2 layer = 0.25-0.27mm
3 layer = 0.30-0.32mm

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0 on July 13, 2021

I can pretty much confirm this is my failure reasons. I use MatterHackers Build Series and did a depth of cure (DOC) test. It comes in at 0.15-.017mm thick. Even when I use the “bed cleaning” tool, this is the max it ever comes off with. Therefore since my first layer isn’t starting at the set height (0.03 – 0.05mm), I’ve already lost the battle.

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