No warranty for Uniz printers !?

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2 on May 11, 2018

No warranty for Uniz printers despite the european right?

Our LCD panel broke down within 4 months and Uniz doesn’t want to change it for free, despite the european right, what says there is a warranty within 2 years. Within 6 months, which belongs to our situation, adheres the manufacture. 

The company sent us an coupon not to have the full price , what‘s ok, but the delivery costs are really high (about € 200 )…

How can this be? 

We are wondering to solve problems that way …. 



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1 on November 7, 2018

Sorry to hear this Robert, and a rather late answer… which I give here for others, as you may have already resolved the issue.

Sadly, the European consumer law works only for devices that you buy in the EU (and in fact that you buy in the country where you live). The Slash is a Chinese product that is not covered by such law. But this is a legal warranty, Uniz has its own (contractual) warranty. Warranties do cover faulty products, i.e. failures that are not simply cosmetic issues nor caused by a misuse of the product or an accidental damage.

Obviously I don’t not know which is the case for you, I just wrote the legal ins and outs of this subject.

on July 2, 2019


Does it mean if an European customer buy a Chinese 3D printer companies directly (bypassing local dealers), they are would not be entitled to European customer rights?  I think we do have to change the LCD from time to time, how often do you use the Slash printer? I try to get as much information as possible from all current users before I decide to pull the trigger to purchase one, thank you. 

I would like to use machine around 9 hours per day , 6 days per week….

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