Printer Never Arrived and Ignored By UNIZ

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6 on December 17, 2018

My printer was never delivered. After chasing for weeks I have been told that the printer has been lost but yet I have received no refund and now am completely ignored. I have been scammed out of $1499.00 plus $133.00 for delivery.

Anyone else have a similar situation?

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0 on December 18, 2018

Dear Sarah, Sorry for the inconvenience caused. May I know your order number, or backer number or email? I will check with our logistics team about this printer lost problem asap.

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4 on December 18, 2018

Contact your CC company and get your money back BEFORE they send you one of these useless machines!!

on December 22, 2018

I did but my credit card compaqny said it had been too long since they took the money so I will have to resort to small claims court. Ridiculous!

on December 25, 2018

Hi Sarah, what’s your order number, or backer number or email? Have you contacted our logistics team?

on January 9, 2019

Backer 286. I have been waiting on a refund for over a month now when it has been confirmed this package was lost by UPS. You are breaking the mail order merchandise rule. I will go legal if I do not get a refund in the next 5 business days.

The Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule (commonly called the “Mail Order Rule”) is a Federal Trade Commission consumer protection statute. Retailers that accept orders from U.S. customers by mail, telephone or online are required to ship each order at the time stated in their ad or on their Website. Internet sales, as well faxed orders, are included in the definition of telephone, which is defined as “any direct or indirect use of the telephone to order merchandise regardless of whether the telephone is activated by … machines.” If these obligations cannot be met, the company must provide the customer with a timely notice and option to either agree to a delay or cancel the order and get their money back. 

on January 16, 2019

Hi Sarah, as you can see that we had arranged shipment but the packaged was lost by UPS. As I confirmed with our logistics team, we had arranged refund for you as your request. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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