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Even people who heard Australia’s NPP, but not actually tried it, have positive reviews on the said trend. Australian Email Address The study also found out that five percent of organizations are aware of this new platform, while 22 percent say they have a bit information about it, Australian Email Address but are not aware of the details. Australian Email Address The said number of people are willing to give digital currency platforms for they believe that it will help them in their businesses. improve the payments processes and direct payments. This will be possible using a specific account using phone numbers or email addresses.


While 62 percent of the Australian businesses believe that alternative currency platforms are critical and risky, the remaining 45 percent of those organizations said that they are contented or more than contented with its services. Australian Email Address Michael Horton, Country Manager of Australia and New Zealand, HCL Technologies Ltd. Australian Email Address said that this research reveals that more than half of the businesses will consider changing the relationship for better pricing of services. Australian Email Address Companies will recognize and accept the convenience and other advantages that this trend offers, and will soon use it regularly like the traditional payment platforms.

On the other hand, according to the March 2015 update of Business Attitudes to Electronics Payments Systems, Australian Email Address non-users of the digital currency platforms find the practice extremely dangerous to their businesses. Australian Email Address In fact, in Australia, amidst the importance of digital platforms and the advantages that it offers, few relative organizations are aware of the new platform.  Australian Email Address New Payment Platform (NPP), a SWIFT edge due to start in 2017, will facilitate real-time electronic payments between buyers and sellers. Australian Email Address This platform, like any other digital currency systems.

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